Additional Contributors and Acknowledgments

In truth, a project of this size can only be understood as a joint and developing product of numerous contributors.  Foremost among these contributors are the benefactors and library and information technology staffs of the University of Virginia.  These individuals, although indirect participants in this Project, are immediately responsible for creating and maintaining an environment that simultaneously makes possible the promotion of scholarly traditions, innovative research, and public education.

Technical and financial support for this project have generously been provided by the staffs and benefactors of the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center (GEOSTAT), Center for Politics, Department of Politics at the University of Virginia.  Special recognition also is due to several individuals who made the timely completion of this Project possible.  Mike Furlough, Christina Deane, Donna Tolson, Adam Soroka, Jean McSween, Holly Hom, and Chris Gist of the GEOSTAT Center and Peter Welch of Alderman Library assisted with the production and web delivery of the Project's summary statistics; they also created and aided the web-based data entry processes employed during several phases of this Project. Herman Schwartz of the Department of Politics, and Larry Sabato, Director of the Center for Politics, provided critical research assistance and financial support required to complete the present version of the Project.


Two additional sets of individuals also deserve public recognition for their contributions. Seyit Avcu, Dana Coelho, Joseph Harder, John Larkin, Gregg Lindskog, and Yasar Sari were able, eager and responsible research assistants without whom this Project could not have been completed. The second set of individuals consists of the equally capable University of Virginia students who have invested their time and coordinated their efforts to complete the much of the data entry required by this Project. They have made a lasting contribution to the University of Virginia and the State of Virginia, and for that they deserve both public recognition and this more direct and permanent acknowledgment of their work:



University of Virginia Student Contributors


Joshua Abrons, 2002

Gina Abruzzese, 2001

Ryan Agostinelli, 2003

Colin Allen, 2003

Tanay Amin, 2002

Paul Anderson, 2003

Heather Apperson, 2001

Emily Archambeault, 2006

Paul Asplin, 2001

Matthew Avery, 2005

Tracy Ball, 2001

Michael Ballard, 2005

Sara Barker, 2006

Catherine Bauman, 2006

Benjamin Beach, 2001, 2002

Kwame Boadi, 2003

Garland Bonifant, 2003

Margaret Bonner, 2005

Jennie Brill, 2003

Penny Brown, 2005

Susan Brownell, 2006

Donald Brownlee, 2003

Andrew Buckman, 2001

Jordan Buckrop, 2005

Sara Bumgarner, 2005

Eric Carbaugh, 2001

Sam Carr, 2006

Kelly Childress, 2001

Shelly Collette, 2001

Alexandra Cooke, 2003

Abigail Curran, 2002

Morgia Dampf, 2003

Micah Davis, 2001

William Davis, 2003

Ashley Dodson, 2005

Eli DeJarnette, 2003

Diego Diaz, 2006

Dharma Dill, 2001

Jeffrey Dinos, 2002

Ashley Dodson, 2005

Sean Donahue, 2002

Ryan Dunn, 2001

Michael Essig, 2005

Taylor Felts, 2002

Margaret Fennell, 2002

Abigail Forbes, 2002

Lindsay Forehand, 2001

Stephanie Garrison, 2006

Nicholas Gatlin, 2001

Austen Givens, 2003

Travis Goad, 2003

Kevin Graney, 2002

Aaron Grisdale, 2005

Ashleigh Haas, 2005

Brian Hanna, 2003

Lia Higgins, 2005

Julie Hofler, 2001

Monique Holmes, 2001

Heidi Holz, 2002

Kandice Hribar, 2001

Ryan Hughes, 2002

Mary Hutton, 2006

Huong Huynh, 2003

Charles Iselin, 2003

Erika Jordan, 2005

Stephen Kapsky, 2001

Kevin Kennelly, 2002

Kathryn Kieffer, 2001

Frederick Kullman, 2003

Sean Kumar, 2001

Michael Kutnak, 2003

Allison LaLonde, 2001

Kimberly Lane, 2006

Erin LaRose, 2001

Rachelle Lasken, 2002

Justin Laughter, 2003

Melanie Laycock, 2002

James Layman, 2002

Angela Lee, 2005

Samuel Leven, 2005

Michael Loatman, 2001, 2002

L.J. Lopez, 2006

Neil Loughrie, 2005

Ben Lopatin, 2003

Edward Maginnis, 2001

Eric May, 2006

Melissa McDowell, 2006

Emily McMullin, 2001

Matthew McQueeney, 2003

Brian Mello, 2005

David Miller, 2001

Jane Miller, 2006

Michael Miller, 2006

Luke Mitchell, 2001

Colleen Moore, 2001

Jonathan Moore, 2006

Joseph Morse, 2002

Catherine Noyes, 2002

Scott Phillips, 2001

Stephanie Pinkney, 2006

Meredith Ramsey, 2006

Stephen Reis, 2002

Melissa Rhone, 2001

Logan Riddick, 2005

Allen Robinson, 2003

Thomas Roeske, 2006

Carol Rogers, 2002

Kelly Ross, 2006

Daniel Rubin, 2006

Kathryn Sacco, 2001

Anna Schall, 2003

Anna Scholl, 2005

Brian Smith, 2001, 2002

Benjamin Smoot, 2006

Brandon Story, 2002

Caroline Tran, 2003

James Villarrubia, 2005

Michael Wade, 2005

Elise Warfield, 2002

Tyler Wasilition, 2002

Marvin Washington, 2001

Vesla Weaver, 2001

Jennifer Weil, 2002

Caroline Tran, 2003

Karami Wheeler, 2003

Matthew Whittle, 2002

Irene Wilkins, 2002

Andre Williams, 2001

Isaac Wood, 2006