2003 General Assembly Election Summary

The Virginia General Assembly consists of an elected 100-member House of Delegates and an elected 40-member Senate. Regular elections for every seat in the House of Delegates are held every two years on the first Tuesday in November, and every four years for the Virginia Senate. Virginia’s Governor is elected every four years, and last was elected in 2001. Special elections for individual seats are called upon the retirement or death of previously elected Delegates and State Senators.

On November 4, 2003, regular elections were held in all 100 House of Delegates districts and all 40 Senate districts. The candidates in each election, their previous elections results, the electoral district boundaries, and individual candidate websites can be reviewed at the links below. The election data also includes the most recently reported campaign expenditures for each House and Senate candidate; almost all of this data reflects the December 4, 2003 (Schedule H) candidate disclosure reports filed with the Virginia State Board of Elections—see http://www.sbe.state.va.us/Campaign_Finance/.

Of the 100 House races in 2003, only 38 races had more than one candidate contesting the election; 11 House races were open-seat elections—with no incumbent candidate running for reelection; and 5 races included the same candidates who contested the 2001 election. Of the 40 Senate races in 2003, 20 were contested elections and 4 were open-seat elections. For historical comparisons of reelection rates and campaign expenditures, see the Historical Election Data and Statistics page.