2005 Open-Seat Elections in House of Delegates

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Election IDElection TypeDistrict TypeDistrict No.Jurisdiction(s)No. CandidatesNo. SeatsTotal VotesTotal Campaign ExpenditureCampaign Expenditure Per Vote
2005RVAHH15RVAHSMH15 Page, Rappahannock, and Shenandoah Counties; part of Rockingham Coun  2121797$170199$7.81
2005RVAHH26RVAHSMH26 City of Harrisonburg; part of Rockingham County  2115948$530502$33.26
2005RVAHH37RVAHSMH37 City of Fairfax; part of Fairfax County  4120604$783681$38.04
2005RVAHH41RVAHSMH41 Part of Fairfax County  2121792$998803$45.83
2005RVAHH45RVAHSMH45 Part of City of Alexandria; parts of Arlington and Fairfax Counti  2126318$194935$7.41
2005RVAHH57RVAHSMH57 City of Charlottesville; part of Albemarle County  2118761$128860$6.87
2005RVAHH67RVAHSMH67 Parts of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties  3119908$669713$33.64
2005RVAHH71RVAHSMH71 Part of Henrico County; part of City of Richmond  1114839$102704$6.92
2005RVAHH74RVAHSMH74 Charles City County; part of Henrico County; parts of the Cities of Hopewell and Richmond; and part of Prince George County  2118915$120139$6.35
2005RVAHH75RVAHSMH75 Greensville and Sussex Counties; City of Emporia; parts of Brunswick, Isle of Wight, Lunenburg, and Southampton Counties; part of the City of Franklin  2118234$166628$9.14
2005RVAHH84RVAHSMH84 Part of City of Virginia Beach  2114904$424164$28.46
2005RVAHH99RVAHSMH99 King George, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland Counties; part of Caroline Coun  2121708$187964$8.66