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NameAgeGenderEthnicityOffice Election YearElection OutcomeDistrict TypeDistrict No.Jurisdiction
Norton, Daniel M29MAfrican American UHR 1869Lost SM1    
Norton, Daniel M32MAfrican American UHR 1872Lost SM2    
Norton, Robert33MAfrican American UHR 1874Lost SM2    
Paul, R A27UAfrican American UHR 1874Lost SM3    
Moseley, William P61MAfrican American UHR 1880Lost SM7    
Branch, Tazewell57MAfrican American UHR 1882Lost SM4    
Syphax, John B47MAfrican American UHR 1882Lost SM8    
Dawson, John M47MAfrican American UHR 1882Lost AL0    
Evans, Joseph P49MAfrican American UHR 1884Lost SM4    
Langston, John Mercer59MAfrican American UHR 1888Won SM4    
Langston, John Mercer61MAfrican American UHR 1890Lost SM4