Biographical Information

NameBrown, J Sinclair
Date of Birth9-30-1880
Total Years in State Gov't Office20
Total Years in Federal Gov't Office0
Total Years in House of Delegates20
Total Years in Virginia Senate0
Total Years as Governor0
Total Years as Representative0
Total Years as Federal Senator0

Career Record
YearOfficeLeadershipPartyDistrict Type District No./JurisdictionTenure to Date Age
1916VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 136
1917VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 237
1918VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 338
1919VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 439
1920VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 540
1921VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 641
1922VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 742
1923VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 843
1924VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 944
1925VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 1045
1926VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 1146
1927VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 1247
1928VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 1348
1929VAHDemocrat SM Roanoke 1449
1930VAHSpeakerDemocrat SM Roanoke 1550
1931VAHSpeakerDemocrat SM Roanoke 1651
1932VAHSpeakerDemocrat SM Roanoke 1752
1933VAHSpeakerDemocrat SM Roanoke 1853
1934VAHSpeakerDemocrat SM Roanoke 1954
1935VAHSpeakerDemocrat SM Roanoke 2055
1945VACCDemocrat SM21 Franklin Montgomery Roanoke County Radford 2165