Biographical Information

NameRobertson, Absalom Willis
Date of Birth5-27-1887
Total Number of State Gov't Elections0
Total Number of Federal Gov't Elections11
House of Delegate Elections0
Virginia Senate Elections0
Gubernatorial Elections0
House of Representatives Elections7
Federal Senate Elections4
Total Number of Elections Won11
Total Number of Elections Lost0
Total Years in State Gov't Office8
Total Years in Federal Gov't Office34
Total Years in House of Delegates0
Total Years in Virginia Senate8
Total Years as Governor0
Total Years as Representative12
Total Years as Federal Senator22

Elections Record
Election IDElection YearOfficeElection TypeDistrict No.JurisdictionsDistrict TypeNo. of CandidatesNo. of Seats up for ElectionPartyIncumbency StatusCampaign ExpenditureCampaign Expenditure (year 2007 dollars)Camp. Exp. PercentageVotesVote PercentageElectoral Outcome
1932RUHRVirgini1932UHRRUHRStatewide AL269Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.00203,727 8.27Won
1934RUHR71934UHRRUHR SM41Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.0014,903 68.33Won
1936RUHR71936UHRRUHR SM31Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.0024,790 63.87Won
1938RUHR71938UHRRUHR SM21Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.0011,398 63.87Won
1940RUHR71940UHRRUHR SM31Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.0026,233 65.11Won
1942RUHR71942UHRRUHR SM11Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.007,521 100.00Won
1944RUHR71944UHRRUHR SM21Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.0024,967 59.87Won
1946SUSSVA21946USSSUSSVA2 Statewide AL31Democrat (U.S.)NoN/AN/A0.00169,680 68.15Won
1948RUSSVA21948USSRUSSVA2 Statewide AL51Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.00253,865 65.60Won
1954RUSSVA21954USSRUSSVA2 Statewide AL31Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.00244,844 79.88Won
1960RUSSVA21960USSRUSSVA2 Statewide AL31Democrat (U.S.)YesN/AN/A0.00506,169 81.27Won

Career Record
YearOfficeLeadershipPartyDistrict Type District No./JurisdictionTenure to Date Age
1916VASDemocrat SM Bedford Rockbridge Buena Vista City 129
1917VASDemocrat SM Bedford Rockbridge Buena Vista City 230
1918VASDemocrat SM Bedford Rockbridge Buena Vista City 331
1919VASDemocrat SM Bedford Rockbridge Buena Vista City 432
1920VASDemocrat SM Bedford Rockbridge Buena Vista City 533
1921VASDemocrat SM Bedford Rockbridge Buena Vista City 634
1922VASDemocrat SM Bedford Rockbridge Buena Vista City 735
1923VASDemocrat SM Bedford Rockbridge Buena Vista City 836
1933UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM0 Virginia 946
1934UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM 1047
1935UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM7 1148
1936UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM 1249
1937UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM7 1350
1938UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM 1451
1939UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM7 1552
1940UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM 1653
1941UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM7 1754
1942UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM 1855
1943UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM7 1956
1944UHRDemocrat (U.S.) SM 2057
1945USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2158
1946USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2259
1947USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2360
1948USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2461
1949USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2562
1950USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2663
1951USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2764
1952USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2865
1953USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 2966
1954USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3067
1955USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3168
1956USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3269
1957USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3370
1958USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3471
1959USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3572
1960USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3673
1961USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3774
1962USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3875
1963USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 3976
1964USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 4077
1965USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 4178
1966USSDemocrat (U.S.) ALVA Virginia 4279