Biographical Information

NameLesner, John A
Date of Birth6-26-1868
Total Years in State Gov't Office25
Total Years in Federal Gov't Office0
Total Years in House of Delegates0
Total Years in Virginia Senate25
Total Years as Governor0
Total Years as Representative0
Total Years as Federal Senator0

Career Record
YearOfficeLeadershipPartyDistrict Type District No./JurisdictionTenure to Date Age
1908VASDemocrat SM Norfolk Portsmouth City 140
1909VASDemocrat SM Norfolk Portsmouth City 241
1910VASDemocrat SM Norfolk County Portsmouth 342
1911VASDemocrat SM Norfolk County Portsmouth 443
1912VASDemocrat SM Norfolk City 544
1913VASDemocrat SM Norfolk City 645
1914VASDemocrat SM Norfolk City 746
1915VASDemocrat SM Norfolk City 847
1923VASDemocrat SM Norfolk City 955
1924VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1056
1925VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1157
1926VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1258
1927VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1359
1928VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1460
1929VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1561
1930VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1662
1931VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1763
1932VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1864
1933VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 1965
1934VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 2066
1935VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 2167
1936VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 2268
1937VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 2369
1938VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 2470
1939VASDemocrat MM Norfolk City 2571