Biographical Information

NameBaker, W W
Date of Birth10-20-1844
Total Years in State Gov't Office20
Total Years in Federal Gov't Office0
Total Years in House of Delegates20
Total Years in Virginia Senate0
Total Years as Governor0
Total Years as Representative0
Total Years as Federal Senator0

Career Record
YearOfficeLeadershipPartyDistrict Type District No./JurisdictionTenure to Date Age
1884VAHDemocrat MM Chesterfield Manchester Powhatan 140
1885VAHDemocrat MM Chesterfield Manchester Powhatan 241
1900VAHDemocrat MM Chesterfield Powhatan Manchester 356
1901VAHDemocrat MM Chesterfield Powhatan Manchester 457
1902VAHDemocrat MM Chesterfield Powhatan Manchester 558
1903VAHDemocrat MM Chesterfield Powhatan Manchester 659
1904VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 760
1905VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 861
1906VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 962
1907VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1063
1908VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1164
1909VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1265
1910VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1366
1911VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1467
1912VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1568
1913VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1669
1914VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1770
1915VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1871
1916VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 1972
1917VAHDemocrat SM Chesterfield 2073