Biographical Information

NameMatthews, Clyde W
Date of Birth0-0-1935
Total Number of State Gov't Elections1
Total Number of Federal Gov't Elections0
House of Delegate Elections1
Virginia Senate Elections0
Gubernatorial Elections0
House of Representatives Elections0
Federal Senate Elections0
Total Number of Elections Won0
Total Number of Elections Lost1
Total Years in State Gov't Office0
Total Years in Federal Gov't Office0
Total Years in House of Delegates0
Total Years in Virginia Senate0
Total Years as Governor0
Total Years as Representative0
Total Years as Federal Senator0

Elections Record
Election IDElection YearOfficeElection TypeDistrict No.JurisdictionsDistrict TypeNo. of CandidatesNo. of Seats up for ElectionPartyIncumbency StatusCampaign ExpenditureCampaign Expenditure (year 2007 dollars)Camp. Exp. PercentageVotesVote PercentageElectoral Outcome
2007RVAHH282007VAH RVAHH28  City of Fredericksburg; and part of Stafford Counties  SM 1DemocratN/A$62$620.044,919 34.81Lost