Biographical Information

NameCantrell, Orby L
Date of Birth11-10-1906
Total Number of State Gov't Elections16
Total Number of Federal Gov't Elections0
House of Delegate Elections16
Virginia Senate Elections0
Gubernatorial Elections0
House of Representatives Elections0
Federal Senate Elections0
Total Number of Elections Won16
Total Number of Elections Lost0
Total Years in State Gov't Office31
Total Years in Federal Gov't Office0
Total Years in House of Delegates31
Total Years in Virginia Senate0
Total Years as Governor0
Total Years as Representative0
Total Years as Federal Senator0

Elections Record
Election IDElection YearOfficeElection TypeDistrict No.JurisdictionsDistrict TypeNo. of CandidatesNo. of Seats up for ElectionPartyIncumbency StatusCampaign ExpenditureCampaign Expenditure (year 2007 dollars)Camp. Exp. PercentageVotesVote PercentageElectoral Outcome
1951RVAHHJ791951VAHRVAHHJ79 Wise MM22DemocratNoN/AN/A0.004,127 47.19Won
1953RVAHHJ751953VAHRVAHHJ75 Wise MM32DemocratYesN/AN/A0.004,573 37.59Won
1955RVAHHJ751955VAHRVAHHJ75 Wise MM22DemocratYesN/AN/A0.006,884 52.21Won
1957RVAHHJ751957VAHRVAHHJ75 Wise MM22DemocratYesN/AN/A0.006,367 51.39Won
1959RVAHHJ731959VAHRVAHHJ73 Wise,Norton City MM22DemocratYesN/AN/A0.007,842 52.73Won
1961RVAHHJ731961VAHRVAHHJ73 Wise,Norton City MM22DemocratYesN/AN/A0.004,297 51.80Won
1963RVAHHJ351963VAHRVAHHJ35 Lee,Wise,Norton City MM22DemocratYesN/AN/A0.0011,187 52.31Won
1965RVAHHJ361965VAHRVAHHJ36 Lee,Wise,Norton City MM22DemocratYesN/AN/A0.006,684 50.91Won
1967RVAHHJ361967VAHRVAHHJ36 Lee,Wise,Norton City MM32DemocratYesN/AN/A0.0013,085 38.00Won
1969RVAHHJ411969VAHRVAHHJ41 Lee,Wise,Norton City. MM42DemocratYesN/AN/A0.0010,738 29.17Won
1971RVAHH011971VAHRVAHH01  MM42DemocratYesN/AN/A0.0019,092 27.75Won
1973RVAHH011973VAHRVAHH01  MM42DemocratYesN/AN/A0.0014,229 33.75Won
1975RVAHH011975VAHRVAHH01  MM42DemocratYes$6,413$24,75452.2120,246 29.38Won
1977RVAHH011977VAHRVAHH01  MM32DemocratYes$5,154$17,67852.5414,733 37.41Won
1979RVAHH011979VAHRVAHH01  MM22DemocratYes$1,198$3,42668.4618,496 49.48Won
1981RVAHH011981VAHRVAHH01  MM22DemocratYes$1,025$2,34750.2719,456 50.50Won

Career Record
YearOfficeLeadershipPartyDistrict Type District No./JurisdictionTenure to Date Age
1952VAHDemocrat MM Wise 146
1953VAHDemocrat MM Wise 247
1954VAHDemocrat MM Wise 348
1955VAHDemocrat MM Wise 449
1956VAHDemocrat MM Wise 550
1957VAHDemocrat MM Wise 651
1958VAHDemocrat MM Wise 752
1959VAHDemocrat MM Wise 853
1960VAHDemocrat MM Wise Norton City 954
1961VAHDemocrat MM Wise Norton City 1055
1962VAHDemocrat MM Wise Norton City 1156
1963VAHDemocrat MM Wise Norton City 1257
1964VAHDemocrat MM Lee Wise Norton City 1358
1965VAHDemocrat MM Lee Wise Norton City 1459
1966VAHDemocrat MM Lee Wise Norton City 1560
1967VAHDemocrat MM Lee Wise Norton City 1661
1968VAHDemocrat MM Lee Wise Norton City 1762
1969VAHDemocrat MM Lee Wise Norton City 1863
1970VAHDemocrat MMHJ41 Lee Wise Norton City 1964
1971VAHDemocrat MM Lee Wise Norton City 2065
1972VAHDemocrat MMH01 2166
1973VAHDemocrat MMH01 2267
1974VAHDemocrat MMH01 2368
1975VAHDemocrat MMH01 2469
1976VAHDemocrat MMH01 2570
1977VAHDemocrat MMH01 2671
1978VAHDemocrat MMH01 2772
1979VAHDemocrat MMH01 2873
1980VAHDemocrat MMH01 2974
1981VAHDemocrat MMH01 3075
1982VAHDemocrat MMH01 3176